July 28, 2009

Raspberry Vanilla Jam

The perfect Sunday morning breakfast: pancakes.

I hate eating a heavy breakfast so I didn't make any eggs or sausages to go with the pancakes. Instead, I peeled and chopped some fresh fruits we had sitting in the fridge. OK, but the pancakes still seemed to be missing something. Sure, I had maple syrup but still, something was missing - something to pull the fresh fruits and pancakes together... Like a jam or something... And then, inspiration hit: Raspberry Vanilla Jam!

I had about a handful of raspberries left in the fridge so I threw those into a saucepan with some sugar, a little bit of water and a few dashes of my homemade vanilla extract. I cooked the mixture down over low heat, breaking up the raspberries as I stirred, until it was thick and saucy and smelled amazing. Over the pancakes the jam went with a few drizzles of maple syrup et voila! Breakfast is served. Needless to say, Jason and I both devoured the pancakes and were left wishing we had more jam. Maybe I'll cook up a big batch and can it for the pantry so we'll have something for the winter months after all the raspberries and fresh fruits have gone. I smell a mini project brewing...

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