July 24, 2009

Where do all my recycled bottles go?

It's a fact that recycling, reducing, and reusing is good for the environment. But have you ever wondered what actually happens to all that stuff we recycle, especially those plastic bottles? I have this image in my mind: all the plastic bottles get sorted out, shipped to some factory where they're melted down and remolded into new bottles or something entirely different. Sure, that's a possibility. Or...

... they're purchased by the people over at Their slogan pretty much says it all: "New Soap, Old Bottle". They sell brand name, brand new, household cleaning products (like Palmolive dish soap & 409 all-purpose cleaner) packaged in old soda/beer bottles that have been recycled by earth-friendly people just like us :).

Pretty thrifty, eh? You can also sign up your office, start a collection, and sell your goods to these savvy people. If you're going to recycle, why not make a pretty penny out of it at the same time? Could be a good idea for a fundraiser if you're the kind of person involved in that sort of stuff.

Just be careful that you don't drink the 409 just because it's in a Sprite bottle...

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