October 4, 2009

Home Grown Local Zone - Arts & Music Festival

This past weekend the local 5 Points Community Farm Market had a "locals festival". It was all about the locals here: local artists, craftsmen, musicians and, of course, food!

Our upstairs neighbor, Justin, is part of the local home-brewing club (yes, they brew their own beers at home) which had a little setup at the festival. So Jason and I came out to support the locals and the club and sample some beers. There were several mini-kegs filled with unique home-brews like pepper beer, smoke beer and pumpkin beer. Beer samples were free and any tips/donations left in the jar went to a local animal shelter. Drink beer to save the animals!

Here are some pictures from the event:

The Home Brew Club. Maybe something you'd be interested in? Micro-brews are the ish, or so I've been told.

What is this odd contraption, you ask?

Home-made kegerator!

Don't they look like duckies?

Time for carving pumpkins already???

150lb pumpkin. On sale for only $20! Temptation set in for several seconds, but I was able to resist.

They like it HOT.

That light orange one to the left is a Habanero pepper. The darker ones on the right (with the toothpicks stuck in them) are Ghost Peppers - the HOTTEST pepper in the world. We sampled it by licking the toothpicks. First my mouth & throat burned. Then it went numb for a good 30 minutes.

Craft booths by local artists set up inside the market

Yum - shaved ice! I got a coffee flavored one with cream. You don't see it here because I devoured it before I could remember to take a picture. This seems to happen a lot...

Waiting patiently for "2nd lunch" at the Market's cafe. Sampling Virginia wines in the meantime.

Virginia wines.

Bison burger with veggie sticks. Y-U-MMMM.

Jason shot some videos of the festivities:
Hippie Jam Session
Tap dancer

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